Welcome to Beamingsun.com

Beamingsun, Inc. is a Maryland based corporation specializing in environmental products and services. Our mission is to bring innovative products to market. Our focus is on products that reduce landfill waste, conserve energy or other resources, and provide households with interesting and unique ways to learn about and reduce impacts on the environment.

A Brief Background

I started Beamingsun New Media Group, LLC in 2001 as a web development firm specializing in custom designed and coded websites. I’ve led the development on 1000′s of websites ranging from small 2-3 pagers to 40k+ page sites.

In 2008, a newly re-fueled passion in environmentalism drove me to restructure Beamingsun into a corporation specializing in Green Products and Services. We got involved with bringing a few really hot innovative products to market, and are still working with some of those companies today.

Through these relationships, we are able to showcase some really cool products for really hot prices. If you see a product you like on our site, contact me for a coupon code. In some cases I can offer further discounts than what we have advertised on the site.

If you are interested in learning about how we can help you with a website design, development, or SEO project, please send us an email and we’ll do lunch.